Focus Areas


Our comprehensive Lynbrook STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) program, infused through course offerings, extracurricular clubs, competitions, and research opportunities, is fueled by a strong infrastructure of technology, Bio Tech and scientific lab equipment, and a commitment to teacher professional development in the area of educational technology integration to enhance student learning.

This year Lynbrook excellence helped fund various projects that further unlock opportunities for innovative teaching and student learning. Some of the stem projects funded by Lynbrook excellence include STEM research work-stations, industry-standard micropippettes, dissecting microscopes, 3D printer, scientific hot plates and electronic balances. The dissecting microscopes and micropippettes have helped enhance the life sciences curriculum for over 700 students this year alone by providing a rich real-life lab learning experience. Students at Lynbrook have been accepted into summer internships based on the experience and training received in their classes with this bio-tech equipment.

Lynbrook excellence has also supported high level Cad and calculus software, robotics design equipment and teacher team ipads that allow teachers to foster inquiry and student problem-solving. All Lynbrook students are using these stem technology tools in their classes, providing them with hands-on experiences as they grapple with real-life questions, reach meaningful solutions, and extend their thinking and research.

Music Genesis


Arts & Humanities

Lynbrook had a thriving Arts & Humanities program that is multi-faceted and provides students with endless opportunities for creative expression and deep learning. Lynbrook Excellence has provided tools to the Humanities program that foster new ways for teachers to teach and mentor students. The dynamic learning that has ensued provides students with opportunities for intellectual curiosity and creative expression.

Learning through creative expression is seen in our Drama Department, where Lynbrook Excellence funds have enabled the teacher to teach and mentor students in eliciting emotion and ambiance through the use of lighting. While this experience was once limited to the use of an auditorium and a small group of students, Lynbrook Excellence funds have brought this learning to the classroom where students can explore the relationships between actors and their audience through the use of creative expression through lighting and ambiance.

Chromebooks and digital voice recorders increase opportunities for students to practice and hone skills, and receive feedback from their teachers. These tools are connecting students and their teachers. In addition, the Chromebooks in the library increase opportunities for students to collaborate with one another and conduct original research. The expansion of the non-fiction ebooks in the library has been vital to supporting curriculum in the humanities departments and providing students with resources to expand their learning beyond the classroom. Throughout the Humanities program students are able to delve deep in their learning and engage in creative expression with the guided support of their teachers.

Mac Lab

Computer Lab


With the support of Lynbrook Excellence, we have been able to significantly expand the technology infrastructure at Lynbrook. The robust technology infrastructure at Lynbrook High School is pivotal to our school programs. Our vast technology infrastructure provides teachers and students with tools for innovative teaching and learning.

With a grant from Lynbrook Excellence, Lynbrook Network and Computer Support Specialist, Mr. Toan Phuong, was able to reconfigure the computer lab, streamline the network and provide much needed maintenance to the technology infrastructure Guided by the school’s 5 year technology plan, computers, labs, projectors, printers and equipment are on a regular replacement cycle. By providing for support of our computer network and maintenance, Lynbrook Excellence ensures that these technologies are well maintained and running efficiently Another critical component of the technology infrastructure is providing professional development for meaningful integration of technology to support and enhance student learning. The iPad pilot program supported by Lynbrook Excellence has opened new ways for teachers(English, World Language, Science) to collaborate with one another and expand their repertoire of tools to teach.

Grants from Lynbrook Excellence also enabled the purchase of 60 Chromebook computers, Simulation software for business department, digital recorders for World Language and software for engineering technology department (AutoCAD).

Campus Wide Infrastructure

Lynbrook High School is focused on student learning, teaching excellence and providing a high quality supportive environment. One key focus area for Lynbrook Excellence is the expansion of the school’s technology and infrastructure that support all students. This support permeates the campus, across all departments and programs.

There were many school wide infrastructure projects which were on the wish list for many years. During, 2012-2013, with grants from Lynbrook Excellence many of these projects got implemented.

Lynbrook Excellence supported a number of major campus infrastructure projects including a powerful new audio system for the gym, a new audio and visual system for the auditorium, a quad marquee, the construction of access facilities to the media lab that expands its use to more LHS programs and the construction of 3D Art soldering stations that allow students the creative design curriculum of jewelry and fabrication. These outstanding campus improvements have expanded our programs and our curriculum and will be used by generations of Lynbrook students.